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DenonDJ-img-StandCatHead.jpgDenon DJ has been at the forefront of standalone DJ hardware technology since the introduction of the tech award winning MCX8000. As a preference evolution, DJs could free themselves from the previously necessary use of a laptop, connecting more organically with both their DJ gear and audience. The PRIME Series of smart DJ consoles now takes this innovation to the next level with 2 and 4 channel units capable of advanced performance capabilities, creative feature sets and a ‘no-compromise’ pro-DJ theme throughout. With remarkable touchscreen technology that feels natural and tactile in this age of multi-gesture interfacing, the music navigation, search and load experience is effortless and elegant. Again, Denon DJ leads the industry, bringing standalone streaming of premier music services, via the PRIME Series systems’ built-in WiFi and wired internet connectivity. It’s time to embrace the future of advanced DJ performance possibilities!