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Crest Audio TACTUS Bundle 1

Komplett TACTUS bundle - 40 innganger + 30 utgangskanaler

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Crest Audio Tactus Bundle 1

Built in partnership with Waves®, the Tactus™ Digital Mixing System puts high quality audio, custom configuration and class leading features at the operator’s fingertips. Built on the combination of the Waves eMotion™ LV1 mixer, SoundGrid® server technology and Crest Audio Tactus IO interfaces, the Tactus Digital Mixing System represents the next evolution in digital consoles- without the physical limitations of a console.

This bundle features all key Tactus components required for running the most flexible and powerful 40 input + 30 output channel digital mixing system.


  • 1 x Tactus Control
  • 1 x Tactus FOH
  • 1 x Tactus Stage